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Oral Surgeon – Dr. Alcalde

“I am thrilled with the staff and expertise of Dr. Alcalde. This office is full of love, compassion, humor and skill. I met Dr. Alcalde at the request of my dentist because my teeth were beyond repair. The moment I met with Missy, Dr. Alcalde’s office manager, I knew I was in the right place. She was kind, professional, sensitive, and put me completely at ease. When I met Dr. Alcalde, I was so impressed with his kindness and wonderful sense of humor. Within a nanosecond, I felt I had known him all my life. The morning of the surgery, Dr. Alcalde’s assistants prepared me from the surgery and they were kind, professional, and soft spoken. I saw Dr. Alcalde, he patted my hand and that is all I remember. When I awoke, I was alert and free from pain for the first time in over 20 years! Dr. Alcalde’s office is pristine and clean; his staff members are wise beyond their years. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Alcalde for any procedure involving oral or facial surgery. He is a delightful man, warm and kind with a skill set that is second to none!” Kathy O.

“I had two implants placed about two years ago. The office staff and Dr. Alcalde were both very competent as well as patient friendly. Satisfaction was achieved. I will and have recommended Dr. Alcalde to my friends and family! I have seen many oral surgeons in my lifetime, Dr. Alcalde was the best that I have dealt with!!” C.H.

“Everyone on the staff is very nice and caring. I felt very comfortable during my visit, I will recommend Dr. Alcalde to my friends and family”. K.S.

“Dr. Alcalde was wonderful, no pain during my procedure!” D.M.

“Overall I had a good experience at Dr. Alcalde’s office. All of the staff members were warm, friendly and helpful. I felt very comfortable with them and Dr. Alcalde”. C.D.

“Our experience has been outstanding. The staff always makes us feel welcome and comfortable”. C.C.

“I had multiple dental implants and my end results were beautiful!  Dr. Alcalde did a great job! I have already recommended Dr. Alcalde to my friends and family!” B.G.

“I had an excellent experience at Dr. Alcalde’s office! He explained exactly what he was doing, the upsides and the downsides to the procedure. It turned out just as he explained, to the upside! I especially appreciate his frankness”. A.G.J.

“I had a very good experience, everyone was friendly and helpful. I thought that Dr. Alcalde was awesome! I will definetly be recommending Dr. Alcalde to my family and friends!” S.R.

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