My Smile Today

Same Day Dental Implants Fort Myers, FL

Do You or Someone You Know Suffer from Missing Teeth?

You are not alone. 26% of adults will lose all of their teeth by age 74. Fortunately, there is the My Smile Today dental implant solution from Dr.Alcalde. With My Smile Today you can avoid the problems of traditional tooth replacements like bridges, partials, and dentures.

In ONE day you can…

  • Be rid of messy denture creams and adhesives
  • Regain confidence in speaking and smiling
  • Prevent bone loss and premature facial aging
  • Eat the foods you enjoy and taste them again, too
  • Be free from the pain of infected or dysfunctional teeth

My Smile Today means you never have to go without teeth. When you come to our office  for your procedure you will leave with new teeth the same day. You can also be confident knowing that My Smile Today is a long-term solution. Dental implants function and look just like natural teeth, and with proper care can last just as long.

Comfortable and Convenient

My Smile Today patients have been thrilled to find just how little discomfort was experienced after this procedure. In fact, many report that they didn’t even need their prescribed pain medication during their recovery. The complete My Smile Today procedure is done in-office and you will leave that same day with fixed, non-removable teeth.

Personalized Care

Every individual deserves to receive care that is tailored to their unique needs. This is best achieved by working as a team with your family dentist before, during, and after your My Smile Today treatment. You will receive personalized care and attention from your doctor as well as an Implant Treatment Coordinator (ITC). Your ITC will be with you throughout the entire treatment process to answer questions you may have and to help achieve desired results.

Our Dental Implant Team

We recognize that you are a one-of-a-kind individual. With this in mind, dental implant treatment at our office is customized to carefully consider your unique treatment needs and goals. Our doctor is highly skilled and experienced in the practice of dental implant surgery.

Many dental implant super-centers highlight the ease and convenience of coming to them for dental implant treatment because they have everything you need in one place. We very strongly believe that your general dentist is vital to the success of your dental implant treatment. We work very closely with your dentist and his/her staff at all times during your treatment to ensure the best outcome for your individual needs, taking into consideration your health history, treatment goals, and other factors that need to be carefully communicated at all times. Unlike a dental implant supercenter, your general dentist and Dr. Alcalde will provide any and all follow-up care for your dental implants once treatment is complete.

Learn more about My Smile Today and other dental implant services provided at our office by scheduling a consultation. Call 239-274-3794 today and find out how My Smile Today can change your life!